Sticky Ads, Notes and Coupons That Really Stick.

Great for sticking marketing pieces to front doors.
Great for any door to door marketing.
Repositionable adhesive really sticks and can be repositioned onto a refrigerator.
Leaves no residue.
No additional cost for the better adhesive.

Great for Realtors
Good for Pizza Boxes
Full color printing.

Stick them up one sheet at a time
Or hand them out one pad at a time.


Ten percent off


Picture of a hotel sticky note
Picture 2 of a sticky note
Sticy note list
Company sticky note
Sticky note to-do list
sticky note to-do list 2
call me sticky noteSticky note - let me sell your housePizza deal sticky note

Sticky ads stick just about anywhere.
On doors, windows, pizza boxes or just about anywhere else.

Your ad will get noticed and won't get lost in the pile of ads in the mail. Sticky notes are easily removed and can then be repositioned on a refrigerator, inside a cabinet door, or anywhere your customer wants to stick it. Better than a magnet because most refrigerator doors are not metal anymore.Stick them on front doors, one at a time, or hand out individual pads as advertising.

If you hand out pads for your customers to use, you're handing out a very useful item. Pass them out like your business card. They'll stay in front of your customer a lot longer than a business card. They can be used at home, at work or at school. They can be used to take information on contacts, to-do lists, memos or just a simple reminder. At the same time, your nam, company information and logo are in front of your customer.

Ask us about the right size pad for what you need. We have a variety of sizes and sheets/pad to choose from.

All of our sticky notes include full color printing. They all have white paper but canary paper is available for a slight upcharge.

We would love to help you with your artwork. We'll help design it around the end goal of the pad.

We also carry 3M Post-it® notes if you want. Call us for special pricing.

Superior Stickiness

Our sticky notes stick to just about any door - - wood or metal, under normal conditions.

Full Color Printing

Same price for one color or full color printing with full bleed.

No need to upgrade adhesive

Some suppliers charge 10% for a better adhesive. Our adhesive is already better.

Easy To Distrbute

Instead of carrying a heavy stack of flyers, when going door to door, you simply carry a few pads.